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Why Radio?

As trends have evolved over time, radio has remained one of the most effective ways to reach new and existing audiences. Radio continues to be a leading medium for many reasons. With a broad reach and immediate delivery, radio lets us get our message in front of the women looking for the inspiration, motivation, information, and education we provide. Not only has radio proven itself to be a powerful tool for finding resources we need, but it’s also a great way to connect to others.

Check out our Guests

At the young age of 19, Benita Tyler found out her young husband had been killed. She had to make tough choices as a young mom of two babies. How do you overcome the unthinkable and become a thriving individual? A lifelong learner on a mission to give voice to women facing challenges in areas like losing a spouse, raising blended families, depression, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, low self-esteem, ineffective communication in relationships, and fear from “analysis paralysis.” Benita helps women break free through her coaching. Her goal is for every woman to become braver, show up, and break free to live their life out loud. Benita is the author of Addicted to Dysfunction: Released to Live Life Out Loud and Go Ahead! Be Braver.

Nadia Krauss is the author of "The Magic of Transformation - Igniting & Manifesting your Soul's Desires." Her passion for Soul Health & Divine self-expression comes alive when she can take her clients through a Soul Realignment Power Retrieval Process. When True Love was about to die & her ex-business partner called her a loser, Nadia and her husband made a bold move. They sold everything they owned to go live and work on a cruise ship for 2 years. After which, they relocated from Germany to the US. This bold move led to the revival of their marriage and the creation of a business built on the foundation of self-love leadership.

Dr. Amanda Chan is a non-traditional chiropractor who helps people regulate and optimize their nervous system. She has traveled around the world to learn modalities, tools, and strategies for healing.

I'm an Accountability & Self Empowerment Mumma Coach (#mouthfull). I'm a life coach for working mums who struggle to make time for themselves. I support them to create space in their busy lives to do the things they love (without the mum guilt) and still present Mummas. My story is not that remarkable... Boy meets girl, girl puts the boy on a pedestal, boy and girl have 3 kids, girl makes herself the lowest priority, girl loses herself and her power, girl hits a crisis point, the girl grows a set (#balls) and asks for what she needs, girl fights against internal and external resistance, the girl becomes a coach to help other women in her position..

Featured in Forbes, ESPN Radio, and Yahoo! Finance, I am an I’m marketing expert & brand strategist that loves all things entrepreneurship and marketing. I’ve always been the friend that friends go to when they need a business game plan and encouragement to go after their big entrepreneurial dreams.

Coming from a war-torn country as a refugee to Australia at 11 years old, she has experienced hardship and abuse and had very limiting beliefs. She is now a counselor who helps others build on their own self-belief. She is an entrepreneur who wants to empower women so that no matter their past, they can choose their future. Her philosophy is that understating yourself and healing your wounds will give you the freedom, love, and abundance you never knew possible.

Philippa is from the UK, and she studied law at university. She spent most of her career exploring the UK, subconsciously seeking "home". She settled in the beautiful city of Bristol, where she now lives with her husband, two teenage sons, and Bob the dog. During her own personal transformation, through healing childhood trauma and learning to love and live for herself, she arrived at her soul mission to guide people to be the truest versions of themselves because she believes that is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

Luke Harlan is a well-sought-after transformational Mindset Coach and Speaker freeing people from the common myths, misconceptions, and limiting beliefs holding them back from creating the life of their dreams with absolute clarity, confidence, and direction

After staying in my dark bubble for six years due to the death of my abusive husband and being rejected by his family, I was able to rise up again and now help others that there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you create your dream by design and believe in yourself, your dream becomes a reality. I am the founder of Dream to Rise. I do one on one and group coaching. I published a book, "My Journey Into Becoming". I also launched my Dream to Rise podcast last April and now trying to help inspire and empower people through the stories shared by my guests.

Lauren Best is passionate in marrying her expertise in business design and mindset expansion through hypnosis to support Solopreneurs in their journey to scale up and show up in their businesses on their own terms. She does this by blending together her expertise as a Design Thinking Consultant with her more recent accredited Hypnotherapy Certification. She supports her clients to identify and own their ideal version of success in order to simplify the most impactful parts of their businesses so that their work feels natural and fulfilling, and is in ultimate flow with their energy and capacity.

Rita Desnoyers-Garcia has been helping people reach their true potential for over 30 years. She has a BA in Psychology from College of the Holy Cross and an MSSW from Columbia University. After a long career as a social worker in New York City, and while raising her family, she had a spiritual transformation. She is now a spiritual teacher, speaker, life coach, and author, comedian and musician. She is the author of 3 books: Extraordinary Abundance, Outside of the Box Love Experiments, and The Self-Compassion Project and the creator of The Forest Meditations. You can find out more about Rita’s work and offerings at She lives with her husband and three children in New Jersey..