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Welcome to Casa DeConfidence


The Casa DeConfidence Podcast highlights individuals who are Confident Dreamers. These amazing guests come from all walks of life, are of different ages, and have unique stories. The one common thread between them is that they have embarked on the path to go after their dreams. These dreamers have failed, learned, and ultimately triumphed to walk confidently and live the life they have imagined. Take a journey to learn about what it takes to Go Confidently and reach your dreams.


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Our Schedule

Look out for the show every Sunday afternoon.

The 'Talent'


Dan Collins

Dan is the co-host of Casa DeConfidence and Julie's husband. Some say he does all the heavy lifting (some meaning Dan). By day, Dan breaks aerospace researchy stuff for a living, at night he becomes, editor and producer of the show!


Julie is the Founder and CEO of Go Confidently Coaching and the host of the popular Casa DeConfidence Podcast. 


Julie is a dreamer, a traveler, a visionary, an adventurer, a risk-taker, a loving wife, daughter, best auntie ever, and doggy momma. 


Julie has been a lover of books, activist, philanthropist, and, most of all, a supporter of women and their dreams. 


She has been a successful executive for 20 plus years. Julie started working with a life coach ten years ago and loved how it propelled her further into living a life she loves and had imagined.


Her goal is to help others reimagine their life. She has extensive experience in leadership skills, Life Coaching, and a vast history of assisting people in finding success. Her individualized positivism approach helps identify and attain your goals. Julie holds coaching certifications as a Holistic Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques Coach, and Mindfulness coach and meditation teacher certification. She is also certified as a Social Emotional Learning Facilitator and has completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification.

Julie DeLucca Collins

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