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Why Radio?

As trends have evolved over time, radio has remained one of the most effective ways to reach new and existing audiences. Radio continues to be a leading medium for many reasons. With a broad reach and immediate delivery, radio lets us get our message in front of the women looking for the inspiration, motivation, information, and education we provide. Not only has radio proven itself to be a powerful tool for finding resources we need, but it’s also a great way to connect to others.

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SEP 13 2022

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Jav Sid

I help crafters with full time jobs make passive income from SVG cut files. I started my business 8 years ago while studying fill time.I needed a business that would run on auto pilot and make money with little effort. That’s how I started selling digital files. Now I make 6 figures from my business and help other crafters with full time jobs make passive income from SVGs.  

The SVG Business Podcast socials as: @cutnmakecrafts

SEP 6 2022

Ben Yeh

Ben Yeh

Benjamin Yeh is a Business & Transformation Coach.  Ben's career has evolved from being a real estate consultant, investment officer for a family office where he invested over $1 billion dollars, serial entrepreneur, husband, father, advisor/coach and overall student of life. Combining his investment experience, business coaching and spiritual journey, Ben empowers entrepreneurs on how to gain clarity in their purpose, their 'True North', and thrive in their business with aligned direction, strategy and execution.  Ben launched his Boom Vision Podcast in 2021, a show designed for driven entrepreneurs and professionals seeking clarity, purpose and happiness.  His show dives deep on how to create lasting success by building a solid foundation of a healthier mind, body and soul: it starts with a powerful mindset!
- IG: @benjaminyeh
- LinkedIn: benjaminyeh
- Boom Vision Podcast: Available on all podcast directories. Apple Podcast:
- Free Downloads for Confident You Listeners: 

Aug 30 2022

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Sara McCready

Intuitive Toxic Relationship Mentor and Reiki Master, Solo-penuer, and lover of all things soul-care, healing and wellness related! Her passions are teaching her clients to work with their energy & intuition, and normalizing spirituality for everyone  She is the creator of a 1:1 Mentorship Program called: “Eveolution Path ”, a healing & recovery journey for women who have left a toxic relationship.  As a survivor, turned thriver of multiple emotionally abusive relationships, Sara knows first hand the resiliency, grit and emotional healing that One must go through on this path.  The Eveloution Path, was created to help other Women heal & recover more quickly and gently from their emotional trauma and grief, and to provide a source of inspiration and wisdom so they never feel alone on their healing journey.  This is the program she wished she had during her emotional recovery.  Sara’s life before Illuminated Joy, was deeply entrenched in Corporate Canada, having spent almost 20 years on Bay Street.  As a former Type A, workaholic, people pleaser, she knows the unique pressures of being a Woman in Corporate Canada, and the tensions that can exist between, home, work and personal relationships, when there is no balance.
IG: @illuminatedjoy

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